The Consultation

During your consult, we discuss your permanent makeup goals. It’s vital for me to know how you want your makeup to look every day. You will be able to look at before/after photos, and go through a mock mapping/design of the area you want transformed (brows,lips,eyes)

Questions to ask yourself (Brows):

  1. Do you wear a full face of makeup everyday?
  2. Do you prefer a sharp or subtle arch?
  3. Do you want natural or bold brows?

Questions to ask yourself (Eyes):

  1. Do you wear eyeliner everyday?
  2. Do you prefer a thick or thin line?
  3. Do you want a smudgy line, or something more defined?

Questions to ask yourself (Lips):

  1. Do you wear lipstick or lip gloss daily?
  2. Do you feel like the edges of your lips have disappeared?
  3. Are your lips asymmetrical/uneven?
  4. Do you want a bold look, or something more natural?

Preparing for appointment

Be sure to review our PMU Consent Form for detailed information and to rule out any contraindications.

Deposit is required ($50)

  • No Advil/Ibuprofen 24 before procedure
  • Day of: avoid gym, swimming, yoga
  • No tanning or sunburn 2 weeks prior
  • Don’t book during your menstrual cycle

What to expect during

Before + After Pics

Confidentiality is a priority. Pictures do not reveal the identity of my clients unless I’ve been given permission to do so. Pictures are taken to showcase transformation, and to increase service popularity.

Topical Numbing

Applied prior to service and throughout, to minimize any discomfort

Brow Mapping

To achieve symmetry and meet your brow goals

Lip Design

To correct symmetry and fullness where desired

Eyeliner Design

If wanting more than a lash enhancement, it’s necessary to design the thickness and shape of line (especially when a tail is desired).

Pigment Selection

Choosing the proper color for your skin tone/undertones is paramount, to avoid an undesirable color when healed. With brows, I prefer to match the hair already present in the brow, or with a pigment that allows for a subtle transition. With lips and eyes, color selection depends on what your end goals are: natural or dramatic. With over 50 colors to choose from, rest assured that we will find the right shade for you!

Up to 2-2 1/2 Hours

This includes taking pictures, numbing treatment area, design, and selecting appropriate pigment.

Aftercare Provided

Only use the recommended aftercare following your procedure

Schedule Touch-Up

Touch ups will not be performed before 4 weeks. Your skin is not ready to accept new pigment before this time.

Ready for your Transformation?

To submit deposit:

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  • Cash App | $ibeautySB
  • In Office | By Phone
  • Submit consent form: