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I started my journey in the world of permanent cosmetics by having not only my technician training, but my instructor training by the Founder and President of SOFTAP Permanent Cosmetics, Alexis Lawson.

Alexis is a pioneer in the field of micro-pigmentation, and is a wealth of knowledge. I consider myself extremely fortunate for the opportunity to be mentored by her over the years.

The first time I saw a presentation on the hand method for implanting permanent pigment into the skin, I was intrigued by the artistic way the procedure was done. From drawing/designing the brow and the ability to precisely place the “hair” before implanting the color, to the complete comfort of the client during the procedure. Not to mention, the end result of a beautiful, natural looking brow. I was hooked!

I approach the art of permanent makeup with the intent of helping my clients enhance their natural features, not overpower them.

It has been over 20 years since I added permanent makeup to my repertoire of professional services and I love it more every day. The ability to make a positive change in someone’s life is a wonderful feeling, and one that I hope to continue.

Please feel free to visit me for a complimentary consultation where we can creatively work together to enhance your natural beauty.

HOW TO CHOOSE a permanent makeup artist

Ten Tips For Choosing A Microblading or Permanent Makeup Practitioner


Yes, Softap® is a cosmetic tattoo. Softap® pigments include iron oxide and glycerin. Softap® does not use FD&C or D&C dyes in their pigments.

The sensation can be loosely compared to tweezing the eyebrows. For your comfort, a topical anesthetic is used. Most clients experience mild to no discomfort; however, some experience more discomfort due to varying tolerance levels.

Since all color choices are selected to harmonize with your skin tone and natural coloring, changing your hair color will not affect the look of properly applied permanent makeup.

The hand method of micropigmentation results in less trauma to the skin and no bruising of the eye and eyebrow area. It is common for a person to return to work the same day. The pigment will be darker the first few days due to oxidation, but will soften with healing.
Lips, however, will have some residual swelling.

Plastic surgery has no affect on properly placed permanent makeup.

It is the technician behind any given tool that makes a procedure successful. The biggest difference with SofTap® is the technician is the power source. The manual method is very quiet, controlled and very natural looking when healed. All tools come pre-sterlized and are disposed in a sharps after each procedure.

While both methods are done by hand, they are two completely different techniques. The Softap® method is tapped into the skin, while the microblading method is an etching technique. BOTH methods implant permanent pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. Meaning they are both PERMANENT procedures. However, the Softap® method is less invasive, and will last longer before needing the color refreshed. I will often use both methods during one procedure, depending on the client and the desired outcome. 

Permanent makeup never washes off or smears. It can soften over the years, however, the length of time will vary based on method used, colors chosen, skin type, and compliance with after care instructions. Color refreshers will range from one to ten years and vary on an individual basis.

Depending on which procedure you choose, it can take 2-3 hours for your first appointment. All pricing includes a follow up appointment to be scheduled four weeks after your original appointment, to perfect your makeup, if warranted. Any subsequent appointments will be set up as needed.

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